Please, ask me anything

Q. We love how candid your photos are, but we’ll probably need some direction… do you do that?

A. Absolutely!  I totally get that being in front of a camera is awkward for most people.  I use lots of posing and will definitely tell you “what to do with your hands” so that you feel 100% comfortable.  I also give you little things to do to get you interacting so it’s fun and natural :)

Q. Should we do a first look?

A.Ok... here are the pros of doing a first look:

1. It’s a private moment you get to share(when let’s be honest, there just aren’t that many of those on a wedding day).

2. It gives more time with your guests after the ceremony-- after the buildup and emotions of the ceremony, mostly what you’re thinking is “phew! Get me a drink y’all!” If you’re doing all your photos during cocktail hour, it tends to feel more rushed and exhausting. If a couple does a first look, usually we can knock out your couple photos and bridal party photos (and sometimes family photos) all before the ceremony, leaving a lot less between you, your guests, and your cocktails ;)

If you decide the first look is not for you, I’ve done it both ways and totally respect your wishes. We WILL capture your day to perfection whatever you choose :)

Q. How much time do we need for photos?

A. I always tell my couples to think in 30 minute incriments

Each group session should take about 30 min (bridal party session, family session, couple session). Plan to be done with all official pictures 30 minutes before ceremony to give everyone time to get where they need to be, breathe, and take in the moment :)  You can plan for photography to end about 30 minutes after the dance floor opens, or after the last official event takes place. Also don’t forget to plan in travel time between locations if there are multiple locations for the day.