As I sat next to the crackling fire at our campsite in Colorado, my dad (an engineer) said to me, “You know, if I could do life over again, I would have been a photographer…”  At that moment, after just graduating high school, I decided what I wanted to pursue in life :)


Through my years as a photographer, I’ve found the photos that most inspire me are the ones rich in color and full of genuine happiness… Romance without a sense of humor is boring to me!  I’ll take Jim&Pam from “The Office” over Edward&Bella from “Twilight” any day of the week y’all!  I see it as my goal in every photo session to capture both the sweetness and silliness that makes love amazing.  If one of your favorite things about your relationship is the way you crack each other up, then you and I are gonna be like, best frands. 


More about me you ask? You want more? 


Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and my favorite word is “cozy”.  Thick sweaters and socks, pine scented candles, hot black coffee on chilly mornings, home-cooked meals, acoustic folk music (that’s cozy right???), and classic rom-coms like “While You Were Sleeping”, or “You’ve Got Mail” give me that warm fuzzy feeling.  My husband, Mark, was my first boyfriend and first kiss, and he's one of the best people I've ever known.  He makes me laugh the most when he dances (i'm a sucker for goofballs and physical comedy).  And he's a great cuddler.  And I met him on OKCupid!  Whatttt??? Lastly, I could eat sushi every day of the week, and on the weekends I love a good hike and craft brew :)


Color&Cake photography is currently located in San Diego, CA, but is available for travel nationwide :) 

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