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Haley&Juanito | San Diego Airport Engagement

When I first sat down over coffee (and I do remember a large brownie) with Haley to talk about photographing her and Juanito’s wedding, we talked more relationship than we did wedding 🙂 I always ask for “the story” right off the bat, and man, do these kids have a story to tell!

Haley told me of how they met through mutual friends, hit it off, broke up after almost a year of dating, then right when Juanito decided to move back to the midwest, they realized how bad they had it for each other and decided to try to keep the relationship alive long distance.  And they did… for 5 YEARS. Now, that is LOVE y’all!

Haley wanted to do part of their engagement shoot at the San Diego airport because that was such a staple place of their relationship… trips to and from the airport. I was almost in tears realizing how sweet this wedding is going to be, because it’s been so long in the works… a LONG time coming you know??! Juanito finally moved back to the good ol’ west coast this past summer and we did the engagement shoot, just as she hoped. At the airport. We finished things up at Coronado beach, because that was a special place for them as well, and because, San Diego 😉